The Nevskaya zastava museum


The state historical museum which placed in Nevskiy district of Saint-Petersburg

The Nevskaya zastava museum was founded in 1967, from 2013 is a member of the Union of Russian Museums. Museum introduces to visitors the architecture, industry and well-known personalities of Nevsky district of St. Petersburg. The exposition is located in an old wooden house which was built in the XIX century. Surrounded by typical buildings of the 1960-s and modern buildings, the house is reminiscent of the historical past of the Nevsky district.

The exposition tells us about the buildings, the rich estates and imperial productions of XVIII century. Here you can find interesting information about the famous factories of XIX century - the era of industrial development. The revolutionary events of 1917, the siege of Leningrad are the very important parts of exposition in museum. One of the highlights of the exhibition is a memorial room, reflecting the atmosphere and life of the working class the XIX-XX centuries. Visitors may see plans of territories, historical photographs, documentary evidence of XVIII-XX centuries, paintings and sculptures among other items.

Funds of the museum consists of nine collections and include more than 23 thousand units. Particular attention is given to the search and acquisition unique items of noble and peasant life XVIII-XX centuries, the items of Imperial Porcelain Factory, Imperial glass factory, Imperial card factory, Imperial Alexander Manufactory.

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