Museum of «Malakhit» Design Bureau


The history of famous submarine design bureau.

«Malakhit» is design Bureau for Marine, one of the main Russian centers of submarine design. The history of the organization  began in 1948. The main destination for the bureau was designing, suppling of construction and testing diesel and nuclear submarines, deep-water technical equipment and inhabited underwater vehicles.

«Malakhit» has created  the advanced trends of submarine shipbuilding for Russian fleet.

Today  «Malakhit is the leading company in the field of  designing modern multi-purpose submarines and ocean exploring ships. It also developes new types of power plants and modern materials for submarines. 

The exposition of the museum is divided into several sections: history of "Malakhit"; creation of first missile submarines; creation of the first Soviet nuclear submarine; multi-purpose nuclear submarines of Russia.

Four officers and three scientific employee are working in the museum. The collection includes more than two thousand objects, three hundred items are presented in the. The Museum shows the main stages of development of the design bureau, its work in the area of submarine shipbuilding.  20 models of ships and submarines are displayed, as well as drawings and souvenirs. Documents and photos of heads of offices, chief engineers, the winners of the prizes are displayed on the walls of the museum. The Museum contains several hundreds of units of storage. 

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