Museum of The Department of pathologic anatomy in State Academy of Veterinary Medicine


The largest museum of pathologic anatomy in Europe

The Department of pathologic anatomy owns a large number of unique exhibits and gives students and curious visitors the opportunity to get acquainted with  basic infectious animal diseases of the past (plague, glanders, anthrax, foot and mouth disease)

Museum of Department of Pathological Anatomy is one of the largest pathologoanatomical museums in Europe. It was founded by professor  N.D.Bull in 1921. In 1920-s professors and assistants collected examples of  glanders, anthrax, rinderpest and contagious pleuropneumonia. In 1958 the collection was fullfilled by many exhibits  from the institute of Veterinarian's Postdiplomic Education. The Museum collection is placed in three halls.

Today collection includes more than 8000 preparations, 40000 histological preparations and more than 1700 original paintings by Anna and Grigory Garnar - the professional artists, worked on the Department of pathologic anatomy.

Museum is a department of State Academy of Veterinary Medicine.

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