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Alexander Pushkin and some other great Russians studied in Lyceum in the beginning of XIX century. Now it’s one of the most famous literary museums in Russia

The exposition of Lyceum tells about great Russian poet Alexander Pushkin, who studied there in 1811 - 1817, about his poetry and about the best educational institution of Russia in  XIX century.

The Imperial Lyceum in Pushkin near Saint Petersburg is also known  as the Imperial Alexander Lyceum after its founder the Emperor Alexander I.  The Lyceum was sited next to Catherine  Palace, and was built in the neoclassical style of  Russian Architect Vasily Stasov.  

The Lyceum was opened on October 19, 1811. The first graduates were all brilliant and included Alexander Pushkin and Alexander Gorchakov, Russian politician and minister of foreign affairs. The opening date was celebrated each year with carousals and revels, and Pushkin composed new verses for each of those occasions.

In the history of literature there was no case that poet devoted so much place in his works to university which brought him up, as A.Pushkin to Lyceum. The influence of Lyceum on his poetry was comprehensive: in his first youth poems, in the correspondence to friends, in novel of poems "Eugenie Onegin", in poems of different years there are huge parts devoted to Lyceum. That  made Lyceum a unique museum of culture and literature.

The Museum reconstructs the atmosphere of the beginning of XIX century. Exhibits show how students of the Lyceum lived and studied. A special attention is paid to the most brilliant generation of  graduates, to those , who studied with Pushkin. On the third and fourth floors there are rooms of Pushkin and his friends. Rooms of the graduates are restored on the basis of archival materials. Classes  of Pushkin’s time are also reconstructed.

Tickets: Adults - 120 rub.

            Children and students - 60 rub.

            Pensioners - 40 руб.

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