«Tropical Paradise» butterflies museum


«Tropical Paradise» is a museum of live butterflies in the centre of Saint-Petersburg

Tropical Paradise owns onу of the largest collections of butterflies in Russia. The life of these unique insects is short and it is hard to see exotic butterflies outside their habitat. Tropical Paradise was opened to exhibit different species of butterflies in different seasons.

Tropical butterflies from Africa, Central and South America, Asia are fluttering around visitors of the museum. It‘s possible to see more than 20 species of butterflies at once. There are 3 large halls, decorated with exotic plants that create an atmosphere of real tropics. Warm humid climate that allows rare butterflies to survive is generated inside the exhibition halls. In different seasons visitors could see different unique species of inhabitants of the museum. Among the rarest insects is a Saturniidae from Madagascar, the longest butterfly in the world.  

Museum provides a rare opportunity to see live butterflies and even contact with them. Unique butterflies are fluttering in the halls and are landing onto the bright clothes of visitors. They actually prefer red, orange, and pink colors which resemble flowers. In the past people believed that touch of butterflies brings good luck.

A great amount of exotic plants, flowers, and semiprecious stones create an opportunity to feel the real spirit of tropics.

Entrance fee:
Weekdays: children under 14 – 150 rub.
                 adults – 250 rub.
Weekends: children under 14 – 200 rub.
                 adults – 350 rub.
  • Address: St. Petersburg, Bukharestskaya ul., 30
  • Phone Number: +7 (812) 923-24-70
  • Site: www.i-butterfly.ru
  • Working time:
    Monday - Sunday: 11:00 - 22:00
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