The Angry Birds Activity Park


Angry Birds activity park is the first family`s park of active rest in Russia!

You will see 4000 square meters of entertainment: 8 special zones, 40 developing attractions, 4 rooms for children`s celebrations, a cafe and a brand store.

«Sports and entertainment programs for primary school students»

The “Quest” program

Pigs stole eggs from the Birds again, but while they were running away from the chasing, certainly, they made footprints. The team of little students under the guidance of a professional animator will go on an exciting adventure through the Pigs` Island to bringing their eggs back. Riding (on) attractions, interesting discoveries and magical atmosphere on the Island have been already waiting for young adventurers.

The “Sports festival” program

There are so many secret places on our Island, but you need a map to know their location. Children divide into several groups for testing and checking not only athletic qualities, but also intelligence skills. A team gets a piece of the valuable route, when team members pass the test and then little discoverers find out enemy caches. There is a surprise for young heroes in one of them!

«Educational and improving classes for primary and infant school students»

“In the animal world” (Zoology)

During the class children will learn how to feed birds, how to differ animal footprints on the ground and they will know some interesting facts from fauna`s representatives lives. Except the theoretical skills presented in the form of a theatrical performance, children fantasize themselves as animals and also play active games.

“English with Angry Birds”

English is taught in terms of acquaintance with the park. Children learn how to pronounce the most common English subjects, which surround us, play a “funny fridge”. At the end of the class children are offered a sort of a quest-game in English, where they need to figure out what attraction to go to and how to ask for a ride with an animator.

“Flight to the Eggsteroid” (Astronomy)

There is a space zone called the Bird`s Galaxy in the park. The main scene of this class is right there. Children will learn the Solar system, play “celestial bodies”, learn how star differs from a planet and even try themselves in these roles. The class ends at the “Crystal vault” location, where children are shown how to make their own space at home.

“The way to a decent society” (a class of good manners)

The class is conducted by the silly King of Pigs and extraordinary bird Stella. Children will “save” lost magical words from the Royal Book of courtesy and find out what each of them means. We will also get rid of bad habits with the King and learn to say compliments with Stella in the process of the class. In the end of the class there will be a master-class on setting the table and, of course, there will be training ballroom dancing moves, too.

“Work-out for wings” (P.E.)

The lesson is also conducted by Stella and the King of Pigs. Students will learn what the daily routine is and how to follow it properly, they will know about advantages of dousing with cold water and exercising. Also children are waited by active games in the park, the “birdy” Physical Education, learning some special exercises for good spirits, secrets of a healthy food. In the process of the class children will also feel themselves as young Sherlocks, because they will solve the mysterious messages of the King, who appears far from the beginning of the class.

"Trick which can be explained" (the basics of Physics and Chemistry)

The lesson is conducted on the basis of physical and chemical experiments, which can be easily done at home. The simplest ingredients for creating a spectacular effect, as well as a theatrical form of presentation turn the school program into a magical show. As new knowledge is gained, children try to make some things from the proposed and safe materials by themselves. As a result, each participant learns a lot of a new and interesting information and also receives the result of chemical transformation - smart plasticine as a gift.

"Traffic Laws on a magical Island" (TL)

The house, where Birds and Pigs are inhabitants - Piggy Island, as well as any densely populated place is full of streets, roads, various signs and unexpected turns. And even bus stops are here, too! Children will be able to learn the traffic signs, find out what their colors mean and play funny games for better memorization of the material. The most important thing is that there is absolutely safe on the Island streets, so road adventures will be not only informative, but also very interesting pastime.


Quest №1 «Getting acquainted with the flock of Birds»

For children over 6 years old

Angry Birds team gains a group of recruits for their flock! What qualities are needed to become a real fighter? So, we will spend time for a whole adventure to check the speed ability, courtesy, courage and accuracy training. We will show dauntless when climbing to the height and, of course, we will achieve the goal, using all our dedication! And in the final of the program the birthday boy will hold the awards ceremony with his guests and get a long-awaited surprise from paws of our lovely Angry Bird!

Quest №2 «Trip to the City of Pigs»

For children over 8 years old

City of Pigs is a mysterious and gloomy place of our Island. It is better not to appear here if you do not have a green patch. But what it takes us to learn the basics of disguising and go on a dangerous trip to the enemy clan? It is no wonder, that Pigs are bad mathematicians and have memory problems. So they lost the magical encrypted code all over the Island. If the digital jungle is not a drawback for you and meeting with the Great and Powerful King of Pigs only stimulate you even more, then this adventure will be exactly the best way for celebration! And who knows, maybe the King of Pigs will be in a good spirits, choose a heir to the throne and fulfill his deepest desire.

Quest №3 «Hunting for golden eggs»

For children over 8 years of age and the Chef's room

Wily Pigs stole precious golden eggs! We have a little time and so this is the moment to go in pursuit to return the most valuable thing that the Birds have. Our Island is familiar to you, it means that you can find the right way and reveal the most reliable hiding places. Silly Pigs made their footprints everywhere and smart Birds prepared hints and even a magic box to disguise themselves as enemies. Dauntless, solidarity, speed skills - and a team led by a brave captain is ready for any adventure. But you should not to delay time with the passing the tests, because the King has already asked his Chef to cook him eggs for lunch

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