Valaam is the largest island of the Valaam archipelago, which is located in the nothern part of Ladozhsky island

The name "Valaam" is translated from Finnish as "high land", and less likely translation is " land of Oaths" or "land of light". Some believe that the name comes from the name of a pagan god Baal (sometimes identified with Slavic Veles) or a biblical prophet Balaam.

Historians do not have a single view of the Valaam monastery foundation date. Some people connect it with the time of the Baptism of Rus', the other attribute it to a much later period. Church and monastery tradition claims that the antiquity of the monastery dates back to the time of the spread of Christianity in Rus'. Even at that time, the monastery founded by venerable Sergiy and Herman became the spiritual center of Ladoga area.

Valaam is a unique place in terms of its panoramas and landscapes. On the one hand, it is a fragment of prehistoric tectonic fault, exposing a bedrock womb of the Planet million years ago. On the other hand, it is an incredible specimen of nature's ability to adapt itself to any external conditions. And finally, Valaam Island is a sample of what the most severe land can become with the help of skillful and careful human hands.

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