Saint-Petersburg Planetarium (Inter-regional public organization «Society “Znanie” of St. Petersburg and Leningrad Region»)


Petersburg Planetarium was opened in 1959 and for more than half a century reveals the secrets of the Universe to residents and visitors of the city

Today there are 7 halls in the Planetarium:

In the Star Hall popular science programs on astronomy and cosmonautics are held; scientific conferences, meetings with astronauts and scientists are organized.

More than 200 experiments are conducted in the Laboratory of entertaining experiments. They clearly demonstrate the physics laws. Among them there is a demonstration of Foucault pendulum, the single one in the north-west.

In the little Observatory of the Planetarium at the day programs you can view the Sun in the telescope, and at the night and evening observations you can see the Moon, stars, some planets, and also observe the astronomical phenomena.

In the Hall "Planetka" (“Little Planet”) thanks to the circular panorama young researchers will be able to make amazing geographical discoveries and visit outer space.

The Hall “Space Journey” waits for children and adults on special space routes.

Meetings with scientists from different fields of science, the discussions of important scientific problems of modern society, are held in the Hall “Krugozor”. Film screenings that introduce children and adults to actual environmental problems are also held there.

The Hall of entertaining illusions fascinates visitors by telling about optical illusions, and it is shown here on illustrative examples how we can make mistakes, looking at objects and phenomena.

Ticket cost — 400 roubles

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  • Address: Saint Petersburg, Alexandrovsky park., 4
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