Interactive Museum of entertaining science for children & parents

Museum is divided into seven thematic zones: "Zone of logical tasks". It's children’s world designed so that little minds could explore and learn about the world around them applying to a multitude of senses they have; "Mirror world" with mazes and other exhibits, related to the game of shadows has complicated and confusing mirror labyrinth and exhibits on reflection, lighting and optics; «World of Physical Experiments» offers cloud rings, pendulum, spinning blackboard and other tools and exhibits to explore the world of psychical experiments on your own initiative or together with your parents and friends; «Dark Room» is provided with laser, plasma globe and lighting effects; «Water zone» has facilities to create tornado and waves, make soap bubble ring and bubble sculptures. The museum has a separate area for Laboratory-Um, which was open to conduct workshops and practical sessions on science-related subjects to support the school and university curriculum. There is a room available for birthday parties and events.

The exhibits of the Museum were created in Russia, and in close partnership of St. Petersburg higher educational institutions and enterprises, such as the Saint-Petersburg State University of information technologies, mechanics and optics (ITMO), the Russian state pedagogical University. A.I. Herzen, Mirror plant, LOMO and other. According to its purpose  "LabirintUm"  is a continuation of the idea of "the House of entertaining science", created in 1935 in Leningrad under the leadership of YA.I.. Perelman. This historical connection and the quality of the exposure, undoubtedly, makes the Museum one of the most interesting places in Saint-Petersburg.

Each zone of "LabirintUm" includes exhibits illustrating the effect of the laws of those or other areas of physics: mechanics, optics, dynamics, electricity, magnetism, as well as various natural phenomena. Children have chance to catch their shadow or create a flash of lightning in the "Dark Room",  create tornado and make soap bubble ring in the «Water zone». In "the World of physical experiments" - to light a huge lamp, hand in hand. Thus, playing, joking, visitors of the Museum can comprehend the scientific laws, the ones, which are so difficult to be given in class. Hiking in the  "LabirintUm"  will give you unforgettable impressions, both for children and adults. If you don't know where to go with the whole family in St. Petersburg, what kind of museums to visit, come to the Museum of entertaining science.

  • Address: Saint Petersburg, pr. Kosmonavtov, 14, 2 floor
  • Phone Number: +7 (812) 385-45-25
  • Site: labirint-um.ru
  • Working time:
    Monday - Sunday: 10:00 - 20:00
    The ticket office works till 7 p.m.
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