Entertainment and cognitive park for children and adults "Magic Mile" - a place where memories of a fairy-tale childhood are born!

The Magic Mile Park is 3000 m2 of cognitive entertainment, fabulous decorations, and modern technologies. There are more than 40 playing spaces for children of all ages from toddlers to teenagers, recreation areas for adults, cozy cafes with wonderful cuisine.

A wonderful adventure awaits the child in the "Magic Mile" park! Extraction of gold, travel through the Looking Glass, battles with a samurai, treasure hunt - this is not all that young travelers can do.
It is a park for family travel and discovery!

More than 40 game spaces: a vortex, a mirror labyrinth, a jungle with lianas, a tree house, hammocks and fabulous inhabitants, a stadium where you can fight with a samurai or a ninja, a huge sandbox of kinetic sand, a lake where you can catch fish, a zone for the youngest " A sea fairy tale with two dry pools, a carousel, a rocker, and funny animals, a market and a farm with a cow, beds and lots of toys, trampolines and slides, shooting range and tepee, and many more interesting and useful under one roof in a vast territory!

All day in the park in non-stop mode there are developing master classes: Lego of different difficulty level, drawing with sand on light tables, twisting, painting of pebbles, modeling from cardboard, calligraphy, entertaining experiments, drawing gouache and many more interesting and useful master- classes. It is important that at the same time in the park passes from 5 to 7 master classes, so that everyone can find a job to their liking! All master classes are conducted by experienced teachers in the houses-spaces, where the guys do not distract from the lessons.

Every day interactive performances and quests take place in the park. Stunning scenery, professional actors and exciting stories are for children of different ages and interests.

On the territory of the park there is a unique attraction "Gold Rush"! The guys are on a real gold mine, where everyone can wash gold!

In the spherical cinema "Magic Cinema" show educational and cognitive films in 360 ° format!

In the park "Magic Mile" unlimited opportunities for the organization of children's birthday: colorful houses-spaces for tea drinking, thoughtful and bright scenarios and programs, professional actors and cheerful animators.

Please note that when you visit the park, you must exchange shoes for children and parents!

The cost of the visit is 480-900 rubles

Services: Wi-Fi; parking, toilets for children, adults and disabled people; own cafe; own wardrobe; separate rooms for children's feast; coolers with utensils; special space for children from 1 year; special programs for school groups, interactive performances for children from 1 year to 13 years, a spherical cinema with a 360 degree view; attraction Gold Rush (gold washing) and sand drawing; visiting the mirror labyrinth; safe trampolines; master classes in special rooms.

  • Address: Saint Petersburg, pr. Engelsa, 154 A, 1 floor, Grand Canyon TV and Radio, Private entrance to the park from ul. Shostakovicha
  • Phone Number: +7 (812) 677-79-09
  • Site: www.magicmile.ru
  • Email: info@magicmile.ru
  • Working time:
    Monday - Sunday: 10:00 - 21:00
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