Walking around the historical part of St. Petersburg, one cannot help but notice a mysterious tower rising over Obvodny Canal. It is a former 19th-century gasholder that in November 2017 was converted into the world's largest Planetarium 1

Planetarium 1 is an unprecedented project that combines the exact sciences and cosmic reality under one dome. Modern technologies transfer you to the center of the universe and reveal the secrets of its creation. 

  • the world’s biggest dome of 37 meters in diameter
  • full-dome projection
  • surround sound and projection space 4000 m2

Today Planetarium 1 offers its visitors a scientific and educational program, which was created in cooperation with the world's best design studios. It consists of:

  • The Origin of Earth and Space Exploration
  • A Fascinating Journey through the Solar System
  • The Phantom of the Universe: in Search of Dark Matter

The museum of space exhibits, the lecture hall, the prototyping laboratory, VR interactive rooms, and the observatory are due to open in the autumn of 2018. The new facilities will make Planetarium 1 the scientific and technological center of St. Petersburg.

Planetarium 1 is where history, technology, reality, fantasy, and limitless human capabilities are united.

Since April 2018, the complex operates a multi-format laboratory YotaLab. YotaLab is an open space where startups develop their innovative products.

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