Tourist help service on the segways in St. Petersburg

02 May 2017

The employees of the tourist help service “Ask me Spb/I know the city” came to the streets of  St. Petersburg. City Tourist Information Bureau presented mobile helpers. Members of this unique service will move around the city on the segways.

“Mobile helpers “Ask me Spb/I know the city” are familiar with the history of Northern capital well and can speak English, French and Chinese,” mentioned Evgeny Pankevich, the general director of the St. Petersburg City Tourist Information Bureau. “They are designed to help tourists to navigate in the city, to tell about the museum locations and its working hours, as well as in the case of any offenses to suggest, how to contact the police and even to see off to the nearest police department.”

Mobile helpers will be located in 9 different places in Tsentralny, Admiralteysky and Moskovsky districts until 1st of September. They can be easily recognized by flagpoles and segways that are designed in the information style. They work from 9:00 am to 10:00 pm.