Free excursions in the gardens and parks of St. Petersburg

07 September 2017

Those who wants to learn more about the natural and ecological world, to listen to interesting stories about the living of plants and animals, are invited to walk along the beautiful surroundings and lovely parks of St. Petersburg. 

Tours about the intact corners of wild nature of our city are conducted by the graduate and the researcher from Faculty of Biology of St. Petersburg State University – Alexey Nikolaevich Kotkin. He took part in the creation of the first Red Book in Russia, and also the publication "On the Nature of Reserves in the Karelian Isthmus". He will tell to all those who wish, why you can not meet the swallow at the end of summer, who is this “lisuha” (or a bald-coot) and how it looks, about the whereabouts of some of the oldest oak trees in the Northern Capital of Russia and much more. You will be able to see the information about the next trips on the project's website. Everyone can participate absolutely free of charge.