Exhibition about Catherine II in St. Petersburg

09 January 2018

On 15 February, 2108 in Mikhailovsky Castle opens an exposition dedicated to Empress Catherine II and her role in the history of Russia. The exhibition will last until 28 May, 2018.

Visitors of exposition will see how art reflects Russian and geopolitical transformation, which took place at that time. We remind that the Catherine’s era was a time of serious reforms in social sphere, changes in legislative framework, development of industry and culture.  The Smolny Institute, the Moscow Educational House and new charter of the Academy of Arts were established during this period.

Russia's wars with Turkey and Sweden were reflected in the paintings, drawings and engravings of this great epoch’s artists. The Greek project, the interaction with the Order of Malta, the Catherine’s southern trip and contacts with educators Diderot and Voltaire etched in art.