Le Figaro presented the magazine about Petersburg

12 January 2018

Head of the Russian Ice Hockey Federation Vladislav Tretiak has announced plans to nominate St. Petersburg as a candidate for holding the World Ice hockey championship 2024.

The presentation was organized by the French Cultural association "Pushkin coterie" together with the editorship of Le Figaro and the Russian Embassy in France. Michel de Zheger, who is responsible for issues of Le Figaro Magazine, rated St. Petersburg as a very interesting phenomenon. He said: "On the one hand it is a city, which was built in imitation of Europe, but at the same time it is truly Russian, it is reflecting the Russian soul".

Special issue about our city was called "White magic of St. Petersburg" and has over 150 pages. The team of authors had been collecting material for the magazine for several weeks, working in St. Petersburg.  The edition is decorated with a lot of photos and contains a detailed story about the history of the city, its sights and significant events.

This city has long entrenched unofficial title of the Russian most European city. It is a region of diversity and a harmonious combination of different cultures, integration of innovation and tradition," said Russian ambassador to France Alexei Meshkov on his speech at the gathered on presentation.

He also added that the history of St. Petersburg has always been connected with the history of France, with French culture and with France itself. In particular, prominent French architects, artists and sculptors, who had worked in this city.

The ambassador is sure that this magazine "puts an excellent final exclamation mark in the end of the cultural tourism of France in Russia and Russia in France".