Pulkovo delayed the new way of checking passengers

15 January 2018

The introduction of new rules in the control area and preflight inspection was decided to postpone. According to them passengers of Pulkovo airport should have a printed version of their e-ticket.

"An additional procedure for checking another document will inevitably affect the test duration. Of course, we can adapt, but nevertheless we expect that in future will be enough existing requirements for documents,” told to reporters the press secretary of Pulkovo, Margarita Potehina.

It was supposed that from January 15, 2018 it will be possible to get into the "sterile zone" of the airport only after presenting a set of documents, which includes a passport, printed ticket and boarding pass.

"There will be no changes since January 15”, added Margarita Potehina. In the rules of inspection and admission of passengers to the airport "sterile zone" a procedure will be maintained. Passengers shall be skipped according to current scheme.