Top St. Petersburg museums by National Geographic

29 January 2018

Recently, a famous American magazine has named the best museums of the city on Neva river, and recommended these museums to the tourists.

Calling our city "Imperial Capital of Russia", National Geographic writes: "Saint Petersburg is the city of art, the capital of the Peter the Great's Empire. It is undoubtedly the heart of Russia's cultural life, with its world-famous ballet, theatres and many others."

As for museums, the famous edition recommends to visit, first of all, the Russian Museum. The magazine characterizes it as "a perfect place to immerse yourself in the Russian art."  The next one is the Hermitage. According to National Geographic, this is "a diamond in the crown of Russian museums."

After these two grandees, the geographic magazine recommends to go to the Museum of Contemporary Art "Erarta", Faberge Museum, as well as the branch of the Saint Petersburg State Museum of Theatre and Music,  The Samoilov Family Museum,  to form a whole picture of the museum life in Saint Petersburg.