The Museum of Mittens turned 5 years old

31 January 2018

On January 31, the first charity museum in Russia, the Museum of Mittens, have celebrated 5 years old. The museum was organized by volunteers of the Vremya Pomogat' charitable foundation ("it's ime to help" ) in 2013. 

"The museum of a mitten"  is an art-platform about warmth not only for hands, but also for souls.

The main goal of the first collection of the Museum of a mitten was to draw adults’ attention to problems of the children who had undergone violence, suffered from poverty, had been left without the help of adults. Another aim was to involve sponsors in financing the programs of rehabilitation for children-victims of cruelty through creativity and art-therapy. 

The collection of folk art of traditional crafts of Russia had been gathered during two years.  It includes art objects in the form of mittens executed by the most known brands of Russia: craftsmen of CJSC Hokhlomskaya rospis, CJSC «Objedineniye Gzhel», JSC «Pavloposadskaya platochnaya manufaktura», the Kirov city office "The union of artists of Russia",  National art trade "A Dymkovo toy", CJSC  VKF Snezhinka (The Vologda lace).

Also the museum stores and displays the biggest mitten in Russia. It’s a unique art object – a huge mitten, which weighs 9 kilograms and measures 165 centimeters long. It has been created in the Komi Republic on a flashmob event on the International day of knitting in 2015.