Cat Achilles will continue fortune-teller carrier

05 February 2018

White cat from the Hermitage with the name of ancient Greek hero became a sensation of the Confederations Cup. Amazing animal correctly predicted the outcome of almost all matches which took place in St. Petersburg.

As the press-service of the museum reports, the cat-celebrity will soon join the rest of the Hermitage cats in the annual medical examination. The survey is planned and not related with cat’s predictive work during the 2018 FIFA World Cup, clarified in the press service.

Remind that Achilles was chosen as the Confederations Cup oracle because of his qualities. Despite his deafness he is the most "stress-resistant and person-oriented" cat. Veterinarians in the Hermitage are noting his analytical mind, strange and unusual behavior that involves the possibility of guessing anything. Before the Confederations Cup matches, the animal was offered two bowls of food with flag of one of the teams. What bowl he chooses this team will win. Achilles did his predictions at home, in the Hermitage.


Cats appeared in Hermitage in the beginning of XVIII century. A cat brought from Holland by the Emperor Peter I was settled in Winter Palace.  Later, Empress Elizabeth I issued a decree on sending cats to the court and Catherine II gave them status of art galleries guards. Cats protecting and will protect museum’s paintings from rodents. Now in the Hermitage live and serve about 50 animals