"Dostoevsky & Turgenev. Game of portraits"

07 February 2018

"Dostoevsky & Turgenev. Igra v portrety (Game of portraits)" exposition will start taking the first visitors from day to day. The letters of these famous writers to each other, genuine photos and portraits will tell us a lot of from their lives.

In 2018, it marks 200 years since the birth of Ivan Turgenev, while February 9 will be the 137 anniversary of Fyodor Dostoevsky’s death. In honor of such an occasion a thematic exhibition dedicated to the life and work of these eminent personalities, whose relations are usually being called "friendship-enmity", will begin its work on the site of the Dostoyevsky Museum. Dostoevsky and Turgenev crossed more in the world of literature, than in real life. Nevertheless, the internal dialogue of the masters existed constantly, distinctly appearing both in their works and in evaluation of each other.

Exposition will work from 8 February to March 13, 2018.  Film “Dostoevsky & Turgenev. The dialogue" was prepared specially for it. Justifying the name of exposition there will be presented a lot of portraits — the entourage of Turgenev and Dostoyevsky, favorite writers, friends, authentic photos of Turgenev.

February 9th is Memorial Day of Fyodor Dostoevsky and in connection to this cause an entrance to this date event activities is free. Special program was planned to honor the memory of writer. It includes Boris Tikhomirov lecture “Peering in the manuscripts of Dostoevsky,” presentation of the book "My father Fyodor Dostoevsky” by author L.F. Dostoevskaya, the screening of a film "A Nasty Anecdote" directed by Alexander Alov.