Achilles the cat will get his own FAN ID

01 March 2018

The Committee on Sports is currently working on documents.

As journalists said, the issue on giving passport to a cat is final. But the exact date Achill will receive an ID was not named. It is already known what the passport of the fan is, but there is no information which privileges mustached oracle will receive.

Today, on March 1, on the International Day of Cats, there will be another significant event in the life of Achilles. He moves from the Hermitage Museum to the Café "Republic of Cats." There he is destined to go on a diet and lose the excess weight gained in winter. Once he gets used to the new habitat, he will give the official press conference.

Recall that the cat Achilles will be predictor of football matches results in the 2018 World Cup. He started his fortune-teller career in the year 2017, when the Confederation Cup was going on. The cat managed to correctly predict the outcome of all matches. Achilles made a hitch only once. He couldn't choose any of two bowl with food. Nevertheless, that game ended in a draw.