FIFA 2018 cities will create shelters for dogs

05 March 2018

The organizers of the world Football Championship oppose animal cruelty. St. Petersburg and Nizhny Novgorod, in which are already working model projects of dogs shelters, will be examples for others.

Local Organising Committee "Russia-2018" and Ministry of Sport of the Russian Federation announced their intention to oblige hosts cities to introduce such measures. The State Duma Committee for Ecology and Environmental Protection will monitor the construction process of these objects.

"We have a clear and understandable position. We encourage regions to use only humane measures to control the population of stray animals and to create points of overexposure and shelters,” Alexey Sorokin, Chairman of the Organising Committee "Russia-2018" told to the journalists, “The work in this direction has already begun.”

After completion of the World Cup 2018, these rapidly constructed shelters for homeless dogs will become another part of the legacy left by the championship.