Who will meet football fans in St. Petersburg

20 March 2018

The ceremony of start of training St. Petersburg's volunteers to the Football World Cup 2018 was held in Youth House. It became known who will assist to the football fans during this major event.

The training program was officially launched at the ceremony. It was opened by the first Deputy Chairman of the Committee on Youth Policy and Interaction with Public Organizations Bogdan Zastavny. He said a few parting words to volunteers and stressed the importance of the upcoming championship as well as its caliber. Head of the host city Saint Petersburg volunteer training center Georgy Borisov also addressed the audience: “Petersburg is the cultural capital of Russia, every tourist knows that. That is why so important for our city to share its cordiality, to acquaint our foreign friends with the centuries-old culture of our country and leave as many pleasant impressions as possible! “

So, who is going to meet the guests this summer and provide them support? In St. Petersburg, it is planned to involve 2300 volunteers, 2,000 of whom entered the main team, and 300 is a reserve that will be aimed at ensuring a high level of hospitality.

In total, 5,904 applications were submitted for the competition of the program “City’s Volunteers”, three candidates made claims for one place. The most popular among the candidates was the function "Cultural and entertainment program."

Not only Russians were offered to become volunteers. From China were received 173 applications, Kazakhstan send 43 applications, Spain - 27, and France - 18.

In the age categories, young people 16-25 years old (85.5%) became the leader. The next in the list by number is the population aged 26-40 (11.7%), and citizens from 41 to 60 years (2.5%) close the rating. Interesting was the age of the oldest selected - 83 years.

71% of the volunteers are women. The number of men is less - 39%. The name Anastasia became the most common among the female part, and among the men's it is Alexander.

The most unusual professions of city’s volunteers were the artist of the symphony orchestra, geophysicist, geologist, laboratory assistant researcher of the oceanology department, optometrist and train composer.

An interesting fact: the distance to the farthest place of living of one of the candidates is 11,559 km.