Most popular destinations of Petersburg’s taxi

21 March 2018

The places where Petersburg’s passengers ask to be delivered to were shared by the specialists of Yandex Taxi service.

The international airport Pulkovo is on the 1st place, the next in the list are *Moskovsky railway station and "Galeria" Shopping Mall. They are followed by famous nightlife attractions of the streets Rubinsteina, Dumskaya, Lomonosova, Sadovaya, Kazanskaya and channel Griboyedov. Ladozhsky and Finlyandsky railway stations, as well as “Europolis” shopping and entertainment center are also entered the top.

Among the hotels most often chosen were "Azimut", "St. Petersburg" and "Pribaltiyskaya". New Holland, the Kazan Cathedral, the Hermitage Museum and the Mariinsky Theater were included in the list of the most wanted sights of city.

A Unified Documents Centre, "Lakhta Center", Registry Office of weddings on the English Embankment, banquet hall "Golitsyn Hall", residential complexes "Ya romantic"( I am a romantic) and "Viva" became popular destinations that have not been included into any of categories.