St. Petersburg – Russia’s leading destination

21 March 2018

The results of Travelers Choice Award 2018 were announced on Tuesday March the 20th 2018. Travelers' Choice award winners were determined based on the millions of reviews and opinions collected in a single year from TripAdvisor travelers worldwide. St Petersburg has once again been named the number one destination in Russia.

"It is natural for us to be once again recognized as the leading touristic destination in Russia, but this doesn’t mean that we are going to rest on our laurels or that the award is insignificant. To verify our leadership year by year is not an easy task as the standards are becoming increasingly stringent, technology advances extremely rapidly and surprising tourists is becoming ever more difficult. The fact that several years in a row St Petersburg has been named the best in Russia is the sign that we are working in the right direction. For example, in September 2017, St Petersburg have held World Travel Awards Europe Gala Ceremony and we are still getting positive feedback thanks to that event. 

Many experts attending the Ceremony in St Petersburg were so impressed with our city – no wonder that at the end of the year we were praised with 2 global awards,"  gave his comment the Chairman of the St. Petersburg Committee for Tourism Development, Andrei Mushkarev.

According to Mr. Mushkarev, St Petersburg is a well-balanced city with lots of art and culture, it has all the things for entertainment and nightlife, great restaurants and excursions, congresses and festivals are being held throughout the year in the city on the Neva River.

The top 10 destinations in Russia:

1. St. Petersburg

2. Sochi

3. Moscow

4. Kazan

5. Anapa

6. Yekaterinburg

7. Volgograd

8. Krasnodar

9. Ufa

10. Nizhny Novgorod

Earlier this month it was announced that St. Petersburg Committee for Tourism Development have been nominated as the Europe's Leading City Tourist Board 2018 becoming the first management team in Russia, which was granted such an honor.