Exhibition dedicated to 150th anniversary of M. Gorky

28 March 2018

Today, on March 28, Military-Historical Museum of Artillery, Engineer and Signal Corps presented an exhibition "Voroshilov and Gorky in shooting range. The story of one painting. To the 150th anniversary of Gorky."

The museum showcases the painting "Comrades K.E. Voroshilov and A.M. Gorky in the shooting range" created by V. Svarog. It was Svarog (real name - Korochkin) who became an active propagandist of the genre of "political composition" he created. Some of his works were made on the basis of personal impressions, others based on newspaper reports.

“Comrades...” together with a portrait of Stalin were one of the most popular Svarog’s paintings in 30th year of past century.

An autograph originally made by Gorky that was found while preparing for the exhibition adds more value to this event. In addition, there you would be able to see the objects depicted in aforementioned picture, the icons "Voroshilovsky Strelok", rare books and photos of M. Gorky.