41 warships take part in naval fleet parade

29 March 2018

Among them are 18 new ships. In addition to the fleet, there will be presented 25 aircraft and helicopters.

As it was said by Minister of Defence Sergey Shoygu, in 2018 in the parade, it is planned to use 41 warships including 18 new ones. Small rocket ship "Uragan" that was finished recently in 2018 will be one of them. Also for the parade will be mobilized 25 aircraft and more than 4 thousand military personnel.

Main naval parade, which was held for the first time last year on behalf of the President of Russia, will now become annual, Shoygu said. The parade is designed to revive the glorious traditions of Russia's navy, to show its strength and power, as well as its readiness to carry out any tasks in the world's oceans.