Results of IV Restaurant Festival

11 May 2018

On May 11 in St. Petersburg, the closing ceremony of the IV St. Petersburg Restaurant Festival took place.

As it was said before by the Chairman of the Committee for Tourism Development of St. Petersburg Andrei Mushkarev, due to the FIFA World Cup this summer, it was decided to devote the IV Petersburg Restaurant Festival to the football theme.

"The City of Saint Petersburg is one of the largest tourist centers in Europe and in the world. The rich cultural heritage, unique architecture, life full of cultural and business events attract more than seven million tourists to the banks of the Neva river. The Festival has a great importance for the prestige of Russia abroad, increasing its tourist potential and promotion of gastronomic tourism.”

“The spring Restaurant Festival will become one more stage in preparation for the World Congress of Association of Chefs' Societies, which will be held in the city on the Neva River in 2020”, was noted by Chairman of the Committee.

According to the Chairman of the Committee for External Relations Sergey Markov, with the help of the Restaurant Festival, the gastronomic traditions of Petersburg are developing: the "Petersburg Cuisine" project, which began four years ago, is successfully moving forward.

In his speech, the founder of Antenna Communications Stanislav Smirnov noted that the festival finds a response from restaurateurs. This year, on the eve of the 2018 FIFA World Cup, the thematic sets were also presented by restaurants participants.Growing an Interest in St. Petersburg's local cuisine.

According to Director-General of State Academic Chapel of St. Petersburg Olga Homova, the traditional project "Music and Food" became a decoration of the IV Petersburg Food Festival.

The restaurant "Palkin" became the winner of the IV St. Petersburg Restaurant Festival.

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