Bright events of St. Petersburg 315th anniversary

23 May 2018

On May 22, in St. Petersburg took place a press conference which was dedicated to the celebration of the City’s 315th anniversary.

The press conference was attended by the Chairman of the Committee for Tourism Development Andrey Mushkarev, Chairman of the Committee on Press and Media Relations Sergey Serezleev, Deputy Chairman of the Committee for Culture Fedor Boltin, founder and head of the creative brand "DanceOpen", director of the show "Classics at the Palace Square" Ekaterina Galanova, representative of the Tsovkra circus ensemble Rasul Abakarov, and the representative of the project FIFA World Cup Trophy Tour Oleg Piletsky.

The main events of the St. Petersburg City’s 315th anniversary celebration will be held on 26 and 27 May. According to Fyodor Boltin, the plan of the city's anniversary events was approved by St. Petersburg Governor Georgy Poltavchenko. In total, within the framework of the celebration, 207 events will be held.

Andrey Mushkarev said that in addition to the annual events, on City day in Petersburg will be four more colorful events:  festival of motorcycles called Motostolitsa (Moto capital), Parade of retro transport, and 1st International festival of circus art. The fourth event will be held in Moscow.

"The fourth event, surprisingly, will be held in Moscow," Andrei Mushkaryov said. "This year, for the first time, we reach an agreement with Moscow on the celebration of the 315th anniversary of St. Petersburg in the Moscow Art Park Museon. This is one of the marketing moves of St. Petersburg promotion. In the Park there will be a live broadcast from the concert on Palace Square. Thus, the synergy between cities is increasing," the Chairman of the Committee for Tourism Development said.

The Festival Motostolitsa will be held from 25 to 27 May. It will gather more than 6 thousand motorcyclists from different countries and regions of Russia. In the Parade of retro transport will take part more than 200 vehicles including trams, buses, and trolleybuses.

On May 27, within the framework of the 1st International Festival of Circus Art, four elephants will walk along Nevsky Prospekt. As Andrei Mushkarev noted, the history of the city is inseparable from elephants. The first elephant was given to the city by the Persian Shah in 1714. Suvorovsky Prospect used to be called Slonovaya (Elephant) Street.

The big celebratory program was started on May 20, when a grand choir sang on the Palace Square. St. Petersburg residents and guests would be able to visit Ice cream Festival on May 26. The traditional Gala concert Classics at the Palace Square, which was included in the Top 10 of the St. Petersburg annual festivals and considered as a visiting card of the city, will become culmination of celebratory programme. And the opening of Palace Bridge under Gliere's Hymn to the City will be its finish. As Sergey Serezleev said, there are almost 300 drawbridges in the world, but only bridges of St. Petersburg opens to music. Ceremonial opening is planned on the night 26-27 May.