FIFA 2018 World Cup. Tram routes № 19, 48 to stadium

14 June 2018

Tram routes ## 19, 48, 48А will help football fans to get to the stadium and to underground during the matches of 2018 World Cup.

For spectators sporting events, volunteers and the persons included in the list of FIFA shall be entitled to free travel on these transport modes (sports competitions routes):

-  tram routes ## 19, 48, 48А;

-  routes of Shuttle-buses operating during the world football Championship FIFA 2018;

-  bus routes ## 39Ex, 43, 49, 128, 158;

-  all metro lines;

-  all commuter routes.

The right to free travel on the routes of sports competitions arises from spectators on the day of the match in accordance with specified in the ticket date and valid for the entire calendar day of the match until the end of traffic, but not less than four hours after the match.

Free use of motor transport (except taxi) in urban and suburban transport, city electric transport, metro and railway to commuter routes and sports competitions are provided to volunteers and persons included in the lists of FIFA, with 14/05/2018 for 15/08/2018 inclusive and with no restrictions on number of trips.