Achilles predicted Russia’s victory over Egypt

19 June 2018

On June 19 at 10:00, Achilles the Cat chose the winner of the second game of football World Cup that St. Petersburg hosts. According to the forecast of a predictor, the national team of Russia will win.

In between of two bowls with cat food an official oracle without any hesitation chose the one with Russian three color flag. But when he quickly finished the meal, he turned to the other bowl. The Hermitage employees said that it can be interpreted as a possible chance of Egypt team to win.

It should be noted that Harry, an oracle otter from Sochi, predicted the Russian team victory too. The same was said by Portuguese football coach José Mourinho.

Recall that Achilles started his fortune-teller career in 2017, when the Confederation Cup was going. A Cat managed to correctly predict the outcome of all matches. Achilles made a hitch only once. He couldn't choose any of two bowls with food. Nevertheless, that game ended in a draw.

Achilles already correctly predicted Russia’s victory over Saudi Arabia in the tourney's opening game and the outcome of the game between Iran and Morocco national teams. The cat will also predict the outcome of the matches which will take place in St. Petersburg on June 22, June 26, July 3 and July 10.

The game will take place in the Stadium Saint Petersburg today at 21:00 local time.