Shadow Museum appeared in St. Petersburg

22 June 2018

On Bolshaya Konyushennaya Street, 5, letter A (entrance to the courtyard through the arch) recently opened the Museum of Shadows, which is the first one not only in Russia but also in Europe.

"Shadow Museum" is a unique art space where modern art objects in the style of shadow art are represented. All the art works are connected in a unified exposition, the excursion "St. Petersburg of shadows" is provided in Russian and English.

Exposition "Petersburg of Shadows" shows the city of drawbridges and white nights from an unusual side.

"Shadow Museum" develops creative thinking, shows an unusual view of the world, and teaches us to find new images in habitual things. Plunging into the atmosphere of confrontation between light and shadow, visitors get the opportunity to see themselves and everything that surrounds them from an unexpected side.

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