Achilles predicted Nigeria`s victory over Argentina

26 June 2018

An official oracle of 2018 World Cup made his fifth forecast for a next match, which will be held today in Saint Petersburg.

In the morning on 26 June, 10:00 the white  fortune-teller Achilles from Hermitage chose a favorite of today's match between Nigeria and Argentina that both enter the Group D of the tournament. Achilles the cat made a bet on victory of the African team over the national team of the South American country.

Traditionally, before the prediction, two bowls with flags of the teams participating in the upcoming match were put in front of the cat Achilles. Having thought for a while, the oracle ate the cat food from the bowl with the flag of Nigeria.

Recall that Achilles the cat had never been wrong in his forecasts. The oracle cat had already correctly predicted the outcome of the previous matches: Russia – Saudi Arabia (5:1), Morocco – Iran (0:1), Russia – Egypt (3:1) and Brazil – Costa Rica (2:0).

Football match between Nigeria and Argentina will take place today, on 26 June, 21:00 at the stadium "Saint Petersburg".


A Hermitage cat became known as a fortune-teller in 2017, during the Confederation Cup. He managed to correctly predict the outcome of three of the four games of the tournament, including the starting and final games. It is a joint project of the St. Petersburg Committee for Tourism Development and the State Hermitage. The cat will also predict the outcome of the matches which will take place in St. Petersburg on 3, 10 and 14 of July.