Baltic Yacht Week from 13 to 19 August

28 July 2018

From 13 to 19 August St. Petersburg for the second time will host the Baltic Yachting Week, which is one of the biggest events in the field of sailing sport in Russia. This time the event is timed to the 300th Anniversary of the world's first yacht club "Nevsky Yacht Club", which was established by Peter the Great in Saint Petersburg in 1718.

The event is being held as a part of the Saint Petersburg Maritime Assembly in pursuance of St. Petersburg Governor Poltavchenko assignment.

Organizers: St. Petersburg Committee for tourism development and St. Petersburg Sailing Union.

This year Baltic Yacht Week brings together the most interesting events of the yachting theme, which will be held in the heart of the city – near the walls of Peter and Paul fortress, as well as in other areas of Saint Petersburg every day.

The program includes: sailing regatta featuring world-class athletes, performances and master classes, exhibitions, open days at the yacht clubs and museums, business conferences and presentations. In addition, city residents will have a unique opportunity to climb aboard some large yachts, get to know their device and the crew: in the format of an open ladder in the waters of the Neva on the Hare Island will be moored two sailboats:  a 36 meters long "Nadezhda" (Hope) and "Lady L" that is 23 meters long. Like last year, on Saturday, after sunset, a water and light show "Ballet of Sails" will take place in the water area between Dvortsovy, Birzhevoy and Troitsky bridges, which will end with a festive fireworks show.

"It is planned that in the future the Baltic Yachting Week will enter the top five largest maritime festivals in Europe,"  said Sergey Alexeev, president of the St. Petersburg Sailing Union, Chairman of the Presidium of the Russian Yachting Federation. – "Last year only the final show of the "Week" was watched by about 60 thousand spectators from the city embankments. I am convinced that Petersburg can have its own event, which may be no worse than the world famous Kiel Week or a SAIL Amsterdam maritime festival."

The Baltic Yacht Week 2018 event programme

An official opening ceremony of the Baltic Yachting Week will be held on 13 August at 11:00 at the Peter and Paul Fortress, where on the same day opens an exhibition "Russian sailing – 300 years!". After the ceremony there will also take place a conference "Russian sailing – 300 years: yesterday, today, tomorrow".  Invited experts will discuss the development of yacht tourism in St. Petersburg, its formation as one of the major yachting centers in Europe, as well as broach the subject of the city yacht infrastructure and financial models of its development.


Since 13 August, at Naryshkin bastion of the Peter and Paul Fortress, the exhibition "Russian Sailing - 300 Years!" will be opened, representing the history of yachting in Russia from its founding until our days. Among the exhibits are: engravings, awards, unique photographs, drawings, models, measuring instruments, flags, pennants and other items from private collections of yachtsmen,  Olympic Games winners, participants of legendary sea expeditions, archives and yacht clubs – all these things convey the history, traditions, continuity and links between generations of those who are in love with the sail, the sea and Saint Petersburg. The exhibition will be open daily from 11:00 to 19:00, on Tuesday: from 11:00 to 18:00,  Wednesday: a day off. Free admission.

Besides, from 13 to 19 of August, within the framework of the Week, a street photo exhibition "St. Petersburg is the Russia's sailing capital", telling about the modern yacht world of St. Petersburg, will be organized at the Admiralteyskaya naberezhnaya (Admiralty embankment). 60 photos made by the best yacht photographers in Russia will be presented to the visitors.

These days at the Central Naval Museum there will be two thematic exhibitions. An exposition "Сaptured by Poseidon. Pages of the shipwrecks history " will tell about history of shipwrecks of famous frigates of the19th century Russian Imperial Navy. An exposition "Guards of Sea. Russian lighthouse services history" will reveal the significance of lighthouses and navigational marks in the cultural and historical heritage of Russia.

Open-house days

On 14, 15 and 16 August from 12:00 to 20:00 will be held "open-houses" at the city yacht clubs. Petersburgers will be able to get acquainted with the yachts internal design and possibilities of the yachting infrastructure in the Northern Capital, as well as sailing opportunities for adults and children. Yacht clubs participating in the open house day: Saint Petersburg River Yacht Club of Trade Unions (Petrovskaya Kosa, 9), Yacht Club of St. Petersburg (Beregovaya ul., 19A), Sailing School "Krestovsky Island" (Yuzhnaya doroga, 4).

August 16 is the open day in the museum "Poltava" (Beregovaya, 19A), which is a reliable reconstruction of the legendary ship of the Petrine era, launched in the Saint Petersburg Admiralty. Free admission

The main activities of the "Week" sports and entertainment program will be held from 16 to 19 of August on the banks of Neva River at the beach of the Peter and Paul Fortress.

From August 16 to 19, spectators will see the exciting races of the National Sailing League, Russia's largest yacht project, in which 25 titled teams from different regions of the country will take part. They will compete with each other on J70 sports yachts on the Neva River in front of Peter and Paul fortress on a daily basis from 10:00 to 17:00.

On 18 August at 12:00 will begin the Governor's Yacht Review – revival of the tradition established in the imperial Saint Petersburg in 1909, when the head of state and the city got acquainted with the fleet and welcomed the sailors.

The Baltic Yacht Week is an opportunity for citizens and guests not only to watch exciting competitions, but also get to know the sailing culture in an interactive format. From 17 to 19 August from 10.00 to 20.00 on the beach of the Peter and Paul Fortress will be open for free admission the sailing ships "Hope" and "Lady L", where anyone can learn more about the internal design of yachts and their crew work. Here from August 16 to 19 will take place an exposition of the five ships of different classes. In addition, two 6-foot cannons will be installed on the beach. Visitors will be able to feel as cannoneers and take memorable photos. Also these days on the beach of the Peter and Paul Fortress there will be free master classes on windsurfing and yachting for children.

A rich show program on the water will please the city residents and visitors on Saturday, 18 August. At 19:00 starts the kitesurfing and windsurfing show.  Leading Russian athletes in these classes, winners of World and Europe championships will take part in it.

At 19:40 starts the Platu25 yachts regatta, and also the Captain's Gig regatta. These are 12-meter wooden sailing and rowing boats built by young yachtsmen of St. Petersburg. The strongest juniors of the country under the age of 18 will take part in these competitions.

A water-light show "Ballet of Sails", which begins at 22:00, will become the final chord of the Saturday evening program. There will be more than 20 yachts in the water area of the Neva river. Viewers will see a grand performance of maneuverability, music and light, followed by fireworks.

On 19 August at 16:00 starts the Platu25 yachts regatta, and also the Captain's Gig regatta.

In addition, on Sunday is scheduled a ceremony of awarding the winners of sports competitions. Prizewinners of the National Sailing League races, as well as other competitions to be held within the framework of the "Baltic Yacht Week" will be announced. These are the "St. Petersburg Sailing Week", one of the oldest Russian sailing competitions, which was first held in 1898 and the Russian Championship in the class "Cruising yacht L-6".