Living Steets at Gostiny Dvor

08 August 2018

On 26 August from 12 to 8 p.m. a usually closed to the public courtyard of Bolshoi Gostiny Dvor will turn into a space for relaxation, self-realization, communication and creativity

On this day in Saint Petersburg will take place the Living Streets festival. Parking spaces will become the green lawns with beanbags and benches, driveways will turn into green cycle paths and pedestrian walkways, sidewalks to sports ground and space for games and creativity. Living Streets festival is a dialogue of residents with the city, interaction and co-creation in an open public space, which helps people to feel free, to realize their right to the city and responsibility for the changes in it.

"It is a difficult and interesting task for us – to create a quarter for a unique event in the center of the noisy St.Petersburg, which shows that urban space can and should be a comfortable and creative place to live. We would like to reflect the power of the Bolshoi Gostiny Dvor history and tell about what it would become in the future ", – say the organizers.

Street art, musicians, dancers and poets, area for exchanging books, plants and ideas, a green lecture hall and a fair of urban gardening, recycling clothes, decorating furniture, children's master classes, a food court with tasty and healthy food – this is not the whole list of planned events that will please the guest at the Living Street Festival. The organizers hope that the festival will become a catalyst for future changes and the reconstruction of the courtyard.

The festival is held by the Committee for Youth policy and Social organizations Interaction of Saint Petersburg together with independent creative and public organizations of the city on the Neva river.