Hemostasiologists and hemorheologists will meet in St. Petersburg

10 September 2018

From 4 to 6 October, the 9th Russian Conference on Hemostasiology and Hemorheology will be held in St. Petersburg. Within the framework of the event, united international Congress on Open Issues in Thrombosis and Hemostasis will take place.

The event will become a fundamental platform for consolidation of medical community forces, experience and advanced knowledge exchange. The conference programme will cover a wide range of issues of thrombotic and hemorrhagic complications, transfusion tactics, antithrombotic and hemostatic therapy on the basis of modern views and the latest achievements in clinical and pharmacological science.

‘Conference on Clinical Hemostasiology became a wonderful tradition of Russian medicine’, said MD, professor, chairwomen of the 9th Russian Conference on Hemostasiology and Hemorheology Tatiana Vavilova. ‘A special feature of the event is its multidisciplinarity, which allows to unite researchers, clinicians, pharmacologists, laboratory medicine specialists, whose life and work are related to the study of hemostatic system. The event is a joint project of Russian and international teams. Joint work will make an opportunity to prepare a unique scientific programme based on lectures, presentations and discussions. The main goal of the work is to promote the development of new forms of cooperation in friendly and relaxed atmosphere’.

The event will be held for the first time in the international format. More information about the congress can be found on the official website.



Photo: Pixabay.com