Symphony for Festival of Lights

30 October 2018

This year, the famous Russian composer Petr Klimov and the young poet Svyatoslav Grabovsky created a symphonic composition for the Festival of Lights.

The premier of symphony will take place at the Organ Hall of the Tauride Palace in December, but residents and guests of St. Petersburg will be able to hear the piece of music during the Festival of Lights from 3 to 5 November. Moreover, visitors have an opportunity to choose the title of the composition.

Everything in St. Petersburg – love, life, happiness and sadness – has an additional meaning. I tried to express the unforgettable aristocratic latitude of the feelings in the main theme of the Waltz-poem’, said Petr Klimov, the composer of the composition. ‘For me, the scale of the task makes it difficult to choose a title for the new symphonic arbitrariness. Maybe St, Petersburg residents and everyone, who loves the city, will help me to solve this situation!’