Festival of Lights completed in St. Petersburg

06 November 2018

The spectacular event was presented to residents and guests of St. Petersburg on the holiday weekend: the light show took place within the framework of the Festival of Lights.

From 3 to 5 November the third autumn Festival of Lights was held in the St. Petersburg Sports and Concert Complex and Moskovsky Victory Park. The Committee for Tourism Development traditionally was the organizer of the event.

The theme of the festival was space, digital technology and future. The key feature of the Festival was the flight of the lined up in figures quadcopters.

In addition to the show of the Festival, the contest of light and artistic skills was held. Works of finalists were also projected on the façade of the St. Petersburg Sports and Concert Complex.

Moreover, guests were able to see light installations such as moon, lantern alley and giant hares. The festival also included an exhibition of robotics and a mobile planetarium.

It also became known that the total audience of the Festival of Lights following three days of the event was 980,000 people.

‘The success of the past Festival and the number of guests who visited the event allows us to make a conclusion that the expansion of the traditional format and the addition of holiday events installations, art-objects, and lections and workshops are 100% justified themselves. We have already started planning and preparing the next festival which will be held in April 2019, and definitely will take into account the experience of the previous event, and we will try to offer guests and residents of St. Petersburg an even richer and more varied programme’ commented the chairman of the Committee for Tourism Development, Evgeny Pankevich.

It is worth to mention that famous composer Pyotr Klimov and young poet Svyatoslav Grabovsky created a symphonic composition for the Festival of Lights. The premier of symphony will take place at the Organ Hall of the Tauride Palace in December.

Earlier it was reported that the Festival of Lights became the leader in the rating of the best tourist events of the weekend – 3, 4, 5 November. Nizhny Novgorod, Voronezh, Tula and Yalta were also included in the rating.