St. Petersburg will be decorated for New Year

26 November 2018

St. Petersburg will be festively dressed by December 1.

The design of the Alexander Garden, the route to New Holland and the Labor Square will be expanded. On Konnogvardeisky Boulevard, garlands with Christmas decorations will be installed. New Christmas trees and consoles on lighting poles will appear in Krasnoselsky district, and giant snowflakes will be installed on Moscovsky Square. Moreover, bridges, trees and embankment fences will be decorated on the Semimostie (the seven bridges: Krasnogvardeisky, Novo-Nikolsky, Staro-Nikolsly, Smezhny, Mogilyovsky, Kashin and Torgovy). Additional decorations will be installed on the Sampsonievsky bridge and on the Alexander Nevsky Bridge.

The installation of the new design will be completed by December 20.