'Cultural Route' Audio Guide is Available in English

10 January 2019

PassengerAutoTrans reports that the English version of the ‘Cultural Route’ audio guide is available to passengers from December 24, 2018.

St. Petersburg Guests can use the ‘Cultural Route’ audio guide for free during the bus trip. The service has no analogs in Russia and was launched in 2016 for routes № 3, 6, 7, 22, 46. For people who visit St. Petersburg in winter PassengerAutoTrans have launched the English version of excursion.

The opportunity to listen an individual excursion during the bus trip makes it into the fascination journey through the history of the city. You need only smartphone, earphones and free app, which can be downloaded with the usage of QR, placed in bus salon. The service is also available offline. You can download the app from izi.travel.ru. You do not need the internet connection for excursion.

'Cultural Route' project unites information about more than 100 St. Petersburg sights. Authors put a special attention not only to the most iconic palaces, museums and monuments, situated in the city centre, but also to other interesting places in various areas of the city. The service turned up to be demanded in 2018, and the excursion was listened 35 thousand times.

‘Cultural Route’ audio guide is the project of excursion accompaniment of regular bus routes. Russian and English versions are made to increase the tourist attractiveness of St. Petersburg.