Temperature Rises to 0° by Wednesday

28 January 2019

The temperature warming will change the frosty weather and will be accompanied by snowfall in St. Petersburg.

Petersburg Diary reports that January 28, is the last cold day, according to Alexander Kolesov, the main city forecaster. The temperature will be -10°, and the thermometer will show the temperature above zero by January 30.

‘In general, starting from January 30, the temperature will be from 0° to -5°’, said Kolesov.

According to the weather forecaster, such weather will continue for a long time, the beginning of February for the city on the Neva will be relatively warm.

On Tuesday, January 29, it will be -3° during daytime, it will snow in the morning and afternoon, and blizzards may appear in some places.

The precipitation will continue on the next day, January 30th.