Festival ‘Wonder of the World’ will be held at Bryantsev Youth Theatre in 2019

01 March 2019

The annual Spring Festival of Lights, which holds the name ‘Wonder of the World’ this time, will be held in St. Petersburg on April 20 and 21. In 2019, the Bryantsev Youth Theatre on the Pionersky Square will be the venue of the multimedia performance. And it was not chosen by chance.

It is known that 2019 is declared the Year of the Theatre. This year’s Festival will be dedicated to the majestic miracle and the greatest of the art: His Majesty the Theatre.

Theatrical St. Petersburg is a worldwide phenomenon which is known not only in Russia. You can not feel and recognize the real St. Petersburg without visiting at least one theatre performance, because the city is the birthplace of the professional Russian theatre.

St. Petersburg is the Cultural Capital and the Theatre Centre of the country. The history of the Theatre, its success and achievements are inextricably connected with the city on the Neva. Great names and masterpieces, inscribed in the history of the Theatre, are closely intertwined with St. Petersburg. Expanding the traditional frameworks, the Spring Festival will turn the façade of the Bryantsev Youth Theatre into the theatrical stage, the curtain will open and the Wonder of the World will begin.

The 'live' artists, actors and acrobats will take part in the multimedia play. Textures of cubism and avant-garde art, modern light, laser and neon show techniques will appear along with recognizable attributes of a classic theatre.

In the process of stage transformations, the ancient Greek drama will be replaced by the opera aria, which will turn into a scene from the classic ballet.

The audience will see a performance of the hands theatre that will fold breathtaking landscapes, turn into magical creatures and tell an amazing story, which will be created in real time. The Masks Theatre will also perform and will split the façade of the Bryantsev Youth Theatre into two parts: the first one will transform into forever cheerful Harlequin, and the second part will turn into sad Pierrot.

Creation of living pictures with the use of virtual reality will be applied on the Festival of Lights for the first time. Also the AR technology will be used on the mass open air event, which was previously seen on the Fire Festival ‘Christmas Star’.

The latest technology will create a three dimensional animation, which will expand the space. Mapping images will be completed by objects that seem to ‘fly-out’ from the video to the viewer, develop the storyline and create an amazing effect of presence in voluminous, virtual world.

The Festival of Lights is organized by St. Petersburg Committee for Tourism Development with the support of City Government. In 2018, multimedia show was included in Top-200 Russian Events. It was granted the status of ‘National Event 2018’.

The previous Festival of Lights, that took place in autumn, was held in November, 2018.  The festival painted the façade of Saint Petersburg Sports and Concert Complex with light shows on space themes, digital technologies and the future. About million people visited the Autumn Festival.