2019 marks the 500th anniversary of the death of Leonardo da Vinci

05 April 2019

The City of Torino, in partnership with Piedmont Region, Royal Museums and Fondazione Torino Musei will celebrate the prodigious polymath’s life and work with events, special exhibitions and cultural activities.

From 15 April to14 July the Royal Museums will host the Leonardo da Vinci: Drawing the Future exhibition displaying over fifty masterpieces showcasing the artist’s studies in art and science in the form of drawings.

Visitors will be guided through a collection of works including thirteen drawings purchased by King Charles Albert in 1840 and the famous Codex on the Flight of Birds, donated by Theodor Sabachnikov to King Umberto I in 1893. This outstanding set of works, dating from about 1488 to 1515, include a variety of subjects of different inspiration witnessing Leonardo’s activity from his youth to full maturity.

Core of the exhibition is the universally renowned Portrait of an Old Man, known as Leonardo’s Self Portrait. The exhibition is divided into various sections, each one with its own interpretation of the master’s work and of the investigations carried out by all the Renaissance artists: the heritage of ancient art, the exploration of the anatomy and the proportions of the human body, the interaction between art and poetry, self portraits, the study of faces and the challenge of portraying emotions.

Overall a unique occasion to spread among visitors the Renaissance legacy, from art to literature, from music to science and architecture and, more broadly, to the art of living.

For more information on the rich programme of events, please visit http://www.leonardoatorino.it.