‘The City Exceeds My Expectations’. Travel Bloggers from Spain Visited St. Petersburg

14 May 2019

The information and study visit of travel bloggers and specialized media from Spain is intended to spread the news about the dignity of the city on the Neva River, one of the largest and most comfortable tourist destinations in the world.

The delegation from Spain stayed in St. Petersburg from May 6 to May 10. On the eve of the 74th anniversary of the Victory Day celebration in the Great Patriotic War, on May 8, the city’s tourist potential was presented to foreigners at the St. Petersburg Tourist Information Bureau. Moreover, a business meeting was held with representatives of St. Petersburg tourist organizations of St. Petersburg.

St. Petersburg was highly appreciated by the Spanish delegation. St. Petersburg was characterized as “exceeding expectations” and “striking with the level of artistry and art”.

Anna Zolotova, the representative of St. Petersburg Committee for Tourism Development noted that over the past few years the tourist flow from Spain to St. Petersburg has remained unchanged. In 2017 and in 2018, the number was equal to 60 thousand tourists. The Committee for Tourism Development currently works to increase this index, including this current tour, organized by the Committee.


Media representatives who visited St. Petersburg: Bea Ballester Alicia (Spanish edition of National Geographic), Albert De Paco Jose Maria (digital newspaper Vozpopuli), Martinez Ribas Ines (Tendencias del Mercado del Arte magazine), Alla Ziniakova (El Correo newspaper) and Rafael Moreno Manueco (ABC newspaper).

Travel bloggers, who also came to St. Petersburg: Sarralde Perez Jose Luis 520k followers,  youtuber Ana Hernandez Manrique 270k subscribers, Trippar Vazquez Carolina Stephanie  290k subscribers, Noel Bayarri Villasenor (500k followers) and Maria Dolores Ortiz Luke (540k followers).