Experts evaluated the economic and romantic potential of wedding tourism

16 May 2019

The meeting of representatives of the St. Petersburg Committee for Tourism Development, St. Petersburg Tourist Information Bureau, and wedding agencies was held in the chamber hall of the Capella. The main topic of the meeting was the development of the St. Petersburg Wedding project and the promotion of ‘St. Petersburg: the Wedding Capital of Russia’ brand.

“The all-season magnificence of our city is the wealth that generations of our predecessors have created and preserved. We have to reach a new level of event wedding tourism so that the search for a place for a celebration, no matter how it might be thought: creative, sea, carnival, retro or literary, would always lead to St. Petersburg’, says the welcome address of the Vice-Governor Oleg Markov.

According to the latest data, the annual world market of wedding events is $ 300 billion, $ 16 billion of which newlyweds spend on celebrations outside their home country.

According to St. Petersburg Committee on Civic Affairs, more than 50,000 marriages are registered annually, 90% of which are couples, where one of the newlyweds is a representative of the Russian region or a foreigner.

According to Evgeny Pankevich, Chairman of St. Petersburg Committee for Tourism Development, wedding tourism is a global trend all cities in the world are seeking to develop, and St. Petersburg rankes one of the leading places in this direction.