The best Russian airport is Pulkovo

10 February 2016

Saint Petersburg airport Pulkovo is “the most innovative” and “the best airport of the country” - these titles are something to be proud of. Our airport is the winner in two nominations of “Russian Air Gates” national award. 

Pulkovo was named as “The best innovative project of the year” by the award jury decision and the best airport of the country by the decision of passengers themselves. For several months travelers have been choosing their favourite airport by the online poll. Pulkovo has won a special award in a group of airports with a passenger traffic of more than 10 million.

It is important to note that in spite of the fact Pulkovo is only the fourth airport by passenger traffic in Russia it was recognized as the best airport in Europe by the Airports Council International (ACI).

“Russian Air Gates” national award is given within the National Aviation Infrastructure Show (NAIS). It was established by the organizing committee of the NAIS, the Federal Air Transport Agency and industry portal AVIA.RU. The Award Expert Council is formed by the representatives of the largest Russian airline companies, the heads of industry associations and leading journalists covering aviation.