Journalists and Bloggers from Iran Discovered Tourism Opportunities of St. Petersburg

23 September 2019

At the invitation of the St. Petersburg Committee for Tourism Development, representatives of famous Iranian newspapers and popular travel bloggers, whose numbers of followers reaches 600 thousand people, arrived in St. Petersburg.

From October 1, electronic visas are introduced in St. Petersburg, and Iran is one of the 53 countries whose citizens can apply for electronic visas. According to the guests, the introduction of electronic visas will increase the interest of Iranians to the city on the Neva. Journalists will share their impressions of visiting St. Petersburg in Iranian media, and bloggers will show the beauty of St. Petersburg architecture, adding the hashtag #visitpetersburg to the publication.
The programme for delegation stay includes acquaintance with ‘classic’ image of St. Petersburg. The guests saw the Hermitage, Tsarskoye Selo, Peterhof and the Faberge Museum. The hope to see art spaces and shopping centres of St. Petersburg during their next visit.

Bloggers from Iran
Aida Pooryanasab @aidapooryanasab is a travel blogger from Tehran, Iran.  The number of followers: 570k. She travels with family: with her husband and son. In her blog, she tells about different countries, including travelling with children (her son began to travel with parents from being a month old).

Mohammadhassan Ebrahimi @ hamgardi is a travel blogger from Tehran, Iran. The number of followers: 325k. He writes about Iranians who travel in Iran and other countries.

Maral Farjad @maralfarjad (550 К) and Mona Farjad @monafarjad (347 К) are bloggers and sisters from Iran. Maral and Mona are famous actresses, performers of the main roles in the theatre and the cinema. The sisters grew up in a theatrical family, and from early childhood act in films and play performances. Sisters are almost always together: in the frame, on stage and during travel.