Visit SPb guest card given to one of first tourists who arrived in St. Petersburg by e-visa

11 October 2019

Representatives of St. Petersburg Committee for Tourism Development, city journalists and federal television channels welcomed at Pulkovo Airport the first guests from Europe and Asia who arrived in St. Petersburg by e-visa.

Visit SPb tourist card, gifts from the Imperial Porcelain Factory named after M.V. Lomonosov and Pulkovo Airport were given to guests of the city.

Arash Ahmaadi from Tehran came to Russia for the first time. He said that the simplicity and convenience of the e-visa application influenced his decision to visit our country.

'First I read about the launch of this system on Twitter, then in more detail on the website of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs,’ said Arash Ahmaadi. ‘There were no problems with getting a visa. The whole process of registration took only 2 days. I just uploaded the photo and documents, I didn’t even leave home.

Arash has great expectations from visiting the city on the Neva. The young man heard and read a lot about the Northern capital of Russia. Together with his friend Arash Ahmaadi wants to see the Hermitage, Church of the Savior on Blood and St. Isaac's Cathedral, Peterhof, to visit the ballet ‘Swan Lake’ at the Mariinsky Theatre.

Another tourist from Iran, Ali-Reza Noei, flew to St. Petersburg with his wife and daughter. He found out about an e-visa on the website of one of the Iranian news agencies. According to Ali-Reza Noei, obtaining an e-visa was very easy. The whole process took no more than 3 days. He is confident that the launching of e-visas will significantly increase the tourist flow from Iran to St. Petersburg, because ‘your city is very beautiful and interesting’.

To date, more than 11 thousand people have applied for e-visa. About 900 guests have already arrived in St. Petersburg with e-visa. Most applications come from citizens of Estonia, Latvia, Finland, Germany.