Video about wedding in St. Petersburg was shot by famous photographer from Asia

18 October 2019

The ‘St. Petersburg: the wedding capital of Russia’ brand started to be promoted in the tourist market of Asia and Taiwan. The City Tourism and Information Bureau of St. Petersburg Committee for Tourism Development together with Visit Petersburg representative offices in Hong Kong and Taipei managed the staged wedding shooting for a famous Asian photographer on the background of the architectural sights of St. Petersburg in September.

The video of the photographer and director Jeffrey Chen is gaining popularity on his YouTube channel. The photographer himself shares his impressions of work in St. Petersburg:

'The romantic feelings of sweethearts look great on the backdrop of the spectacular landscapes of St. Petersburg. A love story acquires its musicality. The tourist trip to St. Petersburg will remain in memory for a long time.’ The master is sure that the sceneries of the city on the Neva are perfect for close-up shots: smiles, laughter, facial expressions harmoniously complement the beauty of the Northern capital of Russia.

Photographer and director Jeffrey Chen aside from photo shooting took part in the Saint Petersburg Travel Hub tourism forum. On September 12, at the panel session ‘World Experience in Off-season Tourism Development as Key Factor in Tourist Destinations Formation in Climatic, Social and Economic Conditions', he shared his opinion on the specificity of St. Petersburg promotion in the wedding tourism market. He is confident that staged wedding shootings by photographers from different parts of the world are important for following promotion in the global tourist market.

Let us remind that since 2018, the City Tourism and Information Bureau has been developing the special ‘St. Petersburg: the wedding capital of Russia’ project. On the official city guide a special section ‘Holding a wedding in St. Petersburg’ is available in Russian and English. It contains all basic information about St. Petersburg on wedding topics. The section includes convenient and clear navigation: Marriages are made in palaces, Wedding in the palace interiors, Wedding fashion, Lovely wedding in any season, Unusual places for wedding photoshoot, St. Petersburg’s beliefs about happiness, Ideas wedding celebration, St. Petersburg hotel for newlyweds, Wedding banquet in the restaurants of the Northern Capital of Russia.

In addition to the section on the website, the City Tourist Information Bureau has also developed a booklet that presents all main highlights of St. Petersburg, with an emphasis on the wedding capital of Russia. A special section of the booklet tells about the unique interiors of palaces and registry offices. There is also a section devoted to wedding fashion and a separate event: Wedding Fashion Week, which is a one-of-a-kind event of the all-Russian scale that gives a head start to world projects.