Monument to Mikhail Kalashnikov will be installed in St. Petersburg

11 November 2019

According to the press service of the Western Military District (ZVO), the monument to Mikhail Kalashnikov will be installed on the territory of the Military History Museum of Artillery, Engineering and Signal Corps of the Ministry of Defense of Russia in St. Petersburg.

The monument will be installed on the eve of the 100th anniversary of the Russian great gunsmith’s birthday. The ZVO press service said that the bronze figure of the legendary weapon creator will decorate the site in front of the main entrance to the oldest military museum in Russia on November 22.

Vladimir Kurochkin is the author of the sculpture. He portrayed Mikhail Kalashnikov sitting on a bench in a front-line gymnastyorka, holding an assault rifle developed by him. The statue is called 'Young Designer Senior Sergeant Kalashnikov'. The height of the sculpture is two metres.